New Caregiver Devotional Available

Strength & Grace: Daily Devotions for Caregivers 
                                                                                                      Published bimonthly by Guideposts © 2018

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Here are some devotional titles with corresponding scripture found in the August/September Volume I edition.

Sleepless Nights Psalm 4:8
Who Helps the Helper? Psalm 28:7
I’m Not Crazy After All Hebrews 6:19
Labor of Love Ecclesiastes 11:6
Triumphant Suffering I Peter 3:18
Giving- Above and Beyond Genesis 24:19
When Troubles Increase Psalm 71: 20-21
Even God Took a Break Genesis 2:2
Woe Is Me! I Kings 19:14
Impossible Days Psalm 118:5
Alone? 2 Kings 2:14
Laughter: Potent Medicine Job 8:21
Why Me? Revelation 1:8
Embracing Change 2 Thessalonians 3:5

“These devotional readings will turn your thoughts to the unchanging wisdom of the Bible and is heavenly Author – who longs to write a success story for you. You’ll find insights into the emotions you face and practical ideas for succeeding in this vital duty. You’ll be refreshed by the real-life triumphs of caregivers and gently challenged at times to make beneficial changes to your own attitudes and actions. We hope these devotionals are an encouragement along the way!” The Guidepost Editors   (Strength & Grace.2018. p.3)

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  1. Hi. I accidentally opened your devotional that was addressed to my 89-year-old mother. The subscription card was lost, but I think **each** of us would benefit from your uplifting words. How can I get more information?

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