One more thing…

Today, I want to share a message from my sweet prayer partner, Pat.  She lives in Tennessee and is a caregiver for her husband.

After reading today’s devotional by Nell Noonan from her book, Not Alone (2009), I have been pondering some questions she asked about the crisis events in our lives: “Where can we discover the meaning in these events?  Are our efforts futile?  and How long can we keep going?  The sky seems to be tumbling down,” Nell concludes.

I know Jesus is with me every step along my life’s journey but sometimes… here comes one more thing. One more thing! ONE MORE THING!

Well, my latest one-more-thing came today when my husband came in and told me his wheelchair lift was malfunctioning again and didn’t know if he could fix it this time.  I just looked at him in silence, but I really wanted to cry.  After telling me what was wrong with the lift and that a new one would cost around $2,000, he went out into his shop and I went “on my knees” in prayer. I just blurted out everything going on in my mind. What started as the one-more-thing became a thank-you-dear-Lord. I was thankful for the privilege of just being able to talk with Him at any moment.

And then the miracle happened— Russ came back in the house with the biggest of grins on his face and the great news that he had a part he thought would fix the wheelchair ramp.  I told him I had just finished talking with God about our need. We both smiled with the knowledge that God hears our cries and on the inside we were jumping for joy for God’s blessing to us. We were both so grateful.

As far as those questions I started pondering this morning… God gives me strength day by day, sometimes moment by moment.  As a caregiver, I must remember that God is keeping me and blessing me in the toughest of times. He still makes miracles happen—thank you dear Lord.

The scripture Nell quoted for this devotional was from Numbers 6 v24: The Lord bless you and keep you.

Noonan, N.E. (2009). Not Alone: Encouragement for Caregivers. Nashville, TN: Upper Room Books.

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