Caregiver Marathon Training

Surviving the Caregiver Marathon with Grace:
Training for Serving in the Long Run

Being a caregiver is tough work — whether part-time or full-time, paid companion or family member. This course gives you the tools and support you need to maintain your own physical, emotional, and spiritual health as you care for others.

In caregiving, as in all marathons, respect is not always earned by the “fastest” or “best,” but by the one who endures and triumphs in the long run. This training supports you as a caregiver so you can finish the run with love and grace. In this course, you’ll learn how to build your physical and emotional stamina, how to handle your charge’s changing emotional and physical health, and learn how to develop a support team of professionals, family, and friends. We’ll also read Biblical passages that will encourage and strengthen you and make laughter a priority to lighten your day and speed you on your way.

Join us for this interactive overview of the most current research and literature written specifically for today’s caregivers. Come be supported and encouraged by others who by God’s grace and love have made it through the caregiving marathon!

Four face-to-face seminars:
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Once the seminar begins, participants receive a password to access the support materials below.